Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

Disney Magic Kingdom

Disneyland...The Happiest Place on Earth.

I love Disneyland. I can remember the excitement I felt when we drove up. It just creates a spirit of happiness. As you approach you start to hear the cheerful Disney music, you see hedges trimmed in the shapes of Mickey Mouse, Dumbo and Goofy. I can barely contain my feelings of elation. It is a place where you can let your hair down, have fun, be a kid. It doesn't matter. I once watched my father, a grown man with children and grandchildren, SPRINT from the parking garage to the gates of the park. Nobody cared. Everybody else was just as excited.

Ok, ok, I'm sure all of you are thinking, "Elder Davis are you a missionary or a sales rep for Disney?" 

My point I was getting to was that why should those feelings revolve around a park that you visit maybe once in a lifetime? Why can't we have that excitement and happiness all the time?

What if our homes were that way?

Couldn't it happen? What if that's how it was? Every time you come home at the end of the day you were so excited to be there! As you drive up you are just filled to the brim with joy and exhilaration! You know that waiting there for you are the people that you would most want to spend time with...your family.

I promise you that this can be the case. If you focus your life and family around the proper things I can promise you that your home will become your "Happiest Place on Earth". Your family will be closer together. I promise you that no matter what your life is like. Single or married, children or not. If you base your life around the gospel of Jesus Christ your home will become your safe-haven and you will want to go there. Our homes should be our happiest place. Our families are whom we should want to spend our time with. I promise you there is a way. 

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