Friday, March 4, 2011

The Seven Dwarfs

How to Draw The Seven Dwarfs from Snow White

I love the classic Disney tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It is a tale of a run-away princess that stumbles upon a little cottage filled with seven dwarfs. The dwarfs have names very much describing their personalities and attitudes. You have Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy, Sleepy, Grumpy, and Dopey. Each have their own positives and negatives about themselves and they all have something we can learn from them about ourselves.

What about the Seven Dwarfs of the Gospel? Could there be seven dwarfs of the gospel? Could they somehow connect to Snow White's seven dwarfs?

First, we have Doc; the older, wiser leader of this clan of dwarfs. Likewise he relates to the Christlike attribute and dwarf of the gospel Knowledge. The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge. (Proverbs 18:15) The more knowledge we have the better we are able to make decisions. The more TRUE knowlege we have the stronger our testimony of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ becomes. We must remember the plea issued to us in the Book of Mormon, "O be wise; what can I say more?" (Jacob 6:12)

Happy-snow-white-and-the-seven-dwarfs-6497352-300-300.jpgHave you ever noticed that there is a lot of unfortunate stuff that happens in this story and that the dwarfs have to do a lot of things that don't seem like a whole lot of fun? Have you ever noticed that despite that this dwarf is always happy and cheerful through the whole story? I think that's a good lesson for us. A lot of times our Heavenly Father asks us to do things that don't sound like a whole lot of fun. He might even ask us to do things that don't make a whole lot of sense at the time. Our job through all of it is to be obedient. Not just obedient but cheerfully obedient. Conveniently enough, as we are obedient to the laws of the gospel, happiness follows. "Conditions of great happiness coming from righteous living."

This shy and always embarrassed character was a little bit harder to connect to church. I was thinking of something along the lines of "I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ," but that didn't really seem right. What kept coming back to me over and over again is the quality of virtue. Virtue is a quality that is dropping further and further from society. Our Savior was perfectly virtuous in all of his thoughts and actions. In today's world you cannot even see a commercial without being bombarded with lude, suggestive and nearing pornographic adds and shows. Wouldn't it be nice if we were this, "Bashful" and it was as offensive to us as it would be to this dwarf...and to our Saviour. "We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul—We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things." (Article of Faith 13)

Ahhhhh-chooo! This poor guy can't even get a sentence out without having to let a sneeze go. Having a situation such as that requires the next of the Seven Dwarfs of the Gospel; Patience. Jesus Christ was the ultimate example of patience. He endured everything and endured it well. From the taunting of the Pharisees to the crucifixion of the Romans he took everything that came his way and never lost his patience. We don't have to go through any of that, nor do we have to outlast endless sneezes. Couldn't we practice a little more patience with our fellow man. In your patience possess ye your souls. (Luke 21:19)
I hate the yawns. I also hate being tired. This dwarf is always tired, no matter when or where he just wants to curl up and take a nap. It sounds like the perfect dwarf to talk about diligence. There are many times in this life where we will be tired. Sometimes we will be physically tired, others mentally tired, emotionally tired, spiritually tired but we still need to keep on trucking. We are still expected to live a certain way. Fatigue is no reason to become lax in the way we do things. Remember the exhortation from the scriptures, "Be not weary in well doing". As we fight through the fatigue we will actually find a physical renewal that comes from obedience to the Lord. I promise. I have seen it.

 Oddly enough I would have to say that Grumpy is my favorite of the Seven Dwarfs. The question is, "What does Grumpy have to do with the gospel?" Jesus Christ wasn't grumpy or grouchy. Grumpy is our example of what not to be. He was always irritated and knew that he was always right. We need to show the opposite traits of what Grumpy embodies. We need to be cheerful and humble. Willing to do what we need to do as it comes and as our Lord sees fit.

 You have to love Dopey, if for no other reason than that he loves everybody and doesn't know any better. That is my final of the Seven Dwarfs of the Gospel. Love is so crucially important. Jesus Christ had perfect love for all of us. "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:13) That is exactly what Christ did for us. He layed down his life that others may live. We should love those around us and most importantly our Savior if for no other reason than that He loves us.
"We love him, because he first loved us." (1 John 4:19) If only we could be a little more like Dopey. Love everyone because we don't know any better.

I can promise you that as we strive to associate with the, "Seven Dwarfs of the Gospel" that we will be happier in our lives and will see the blessings of the Lord flow freely.

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